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Rigby Cup & Whitworth Cup, 2015

Rigby Cup and Whitworth Cup competition

Century Range, Bisley, 24 October 2015

A gloomy Century Range, Bisley, on Saturday 24 October saw the final shoot of the year for the Long Range Rifles Branch of the MLAGB. There were two competitions, the Rigby Cup for any muzzle loading rifle, and the Whitworth Cup for hexagonally bored Whitworth rifles. Each competition comprised 3 sights and 15 shots to count at 600 yards.

The whole day was dull, but particularly for the first and last details when there were some fine misty rain showers that further reduced visibility. Despite this there was some outstanding shooting.

It was good to see match winners in the Rigby Cup and the Whitworth Cup neck and neck, with Bernard Collot (Rigby Cup) scoring 63.5 and Martin Tebbs (Whitworth Cup) scoring 63.3. Interestingly, the rifle used by Bernard was fitted with a barrel that had been rifled by Martin.

Gary Evans had a good day shooting. He tied with Chris Goed for second place in the Rigby Cup, with Chris taking the silver medal having 4 v-bulls against Gary’s 2, giving Gary third place and the bronze medal. In the Whitworth Cup Gary was again vying for a medal, this time tying with Dennis Chambers and Jacky Mallarme on 51. Gary’s single v-bull was enough to secure him second place and the silver medal, while Dennis beat Jacky on count-back for the third place bronze medal.

John Rigby & Co (Gunmakers) Ltd

Marc Newton and David Miles of John Rigby & Co (Gunmakers) Ltd

During the course of the day, Marc Newton (Managing Director) and David Miles (Gunroom Manager) of John Rigby & Co (Gunmakers) Ltd, London, visited the Branch to see the competition for the Rigby Cup. Whilst on the range they had opportunity to examine several original rifles belonging to members; a Whitworth military match, an Alexander Henry sporting/target rifle, a Gibbs-Metford match rifle and of course a John Rigby match rifle. Marc and David are pictured above holding the Rigby match rifle (c1870).

The day concluded with the Branch’s Annual Dinner and Prize Giving which was held at the Canadian Pavilion. Jerry Womble, the MLAGB Mid and Long Range Rifle Secretary also took opportunity to present trophies and medals for the Associations 900 and 1000 yard rifle Championships that had been held during the summer.

Results: Rigby Cup & Whitworth Cup

Metford Trophy, 2015

Metford Trophy: 1000 yard firing point

1000 yard firing point

Long range target shooting with a muzzle loading rifle, typically of the period 1860-1880, is a challenging discipline. The most demanding event in the UK calendar is the Metford Trophy; established in 1992 this is an aggregate match requiring 15 shots at each distance, 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards.

This year the match was held over two days, Friday (pm) 31 July and Saturday 1 August. The 1000 yard stage on Friday afternoon proved testing in very tricky wind and mirage conditions. Scores for the most part were down on what can be achieved at this distance, and reflected the conditions. Bernard Collot of France managed to excel though, scoring 50.2, giving him a good lead over second placed Franck Rustichelli (also from France) who scored 43, and third placed Paul Wolpe scoring 41.

Metford Trophy: 1200 yard firing point

1200 yard firing point

Due to range availability difficulties, the 1200 yard stage had to be held on Saturday morning and the concluding 1100 yard stage in the afternoon. Heat, mirage and a changeable wind again made for difficult conditions. Bernard and Paul were now in close competition and after shooting at 1200 yards the formers lead had been whittled down to just one point! Paul’s 1200 yard score of 45.1 secured him the Hepsworth Medal, awarded to the highest scorer at that distance. In the afternoon Paul’s score of 49 at 1100 yards was not only the highest score at that distance but enough to give him a good lead and also win the Metford Trophy.

Results: Metford Trophy

1000 yard Championship, 2015

1000 yard Championship, Stickledown Range, Bisley, 7 June 2015

1000 yard Championship, Stickledown Range, Bisley, 7 June 2015

The Branch 1000 yard Championship took place at Bisley on Sunday 7 June. Members had gained opportunity to get a feel for the very changeable wind conditions the previous day, shooting in the MLAGB 600 yard National Rifle Championships.

The 1000 yard Championship is a long course of fire, 30 shots, with competitors having a morning and afternoon detail to complete the course of fire.

On the positive side, at least the sun was appreciated! The wind however was a constant source of puzzle and frustration, reflecting in the overall lower scores than on some previous years. As a training opportunity it did provide experience in coping with very changeable conditions and also developing strategies for getting back on target when lost!

John Whittaker scoring 103.4 took first place, 4 points ahead of second place Bernard Collot on 99.3. Alan Beck took third place on 98.1.

With this Championship complete, members move on to the gruelling and challenging Metford Trophy, on 31 July/1 August. This aggregate match comprises 15 shots at each distance, 1000, 1100 & 1200 yards. It also incorporates the Hepsworth Medal for the 1200 yard stage.


Volunteer Trophy & B.C. Baker Cup

900 yards Bisley

Barry Custance-Baker Cup, 900 yards, Stickledown Range, Bisley

Branch members enjoyed two days at Bisley, 8 & 9 May, with shooting at:

  • 500 yard practice
  • 600 yard Volunteer Trophy
  • 900 yard B. Custance-Baker Cup
  • 1000 yard practice

The Volunteer Trophy is for miltary match rifles, and it was good to see some original rifles including Whitworth and Kerr in use. The 900 yard competition was for match rifles. Although largely dry, the stong winds kept all entertained, especially during the long range events.

Sunday 10 May shooting continued in the windy conditions for the MLAGB 500 yard National Rifle Championships.



Asquith Cup, 2015

The Asquith Cup competition, this year held on 10 April, is an aggregate of 15 shots at 600 yards and 15 shots at 800 yards for Enfield Rifles. It is the most challenging of all competitions for this class of rifle made more so this year by the strong and variable winds experienced at Bisley.

At the conclusion of the 600 yard stage David Craven was in pole position on 46.1 with Jerry Womble just behind on 44 and Alan Beck in close contention with 42 points. Procceding to Stickledown Range in the afternoon shooting continued at 800 yards.  Jerry again shot consistently and well, almost matching his 600 yard score to finish with an aggregate score of 87. David Craven was also shooting well and slowly eating into Jerry’s lead so that on his last shot he just needed a 3 to win; a breathless hush descended on the range. David achieved the required 3 but sadly on the wrong target thus handing the winning score to Jerry.

A most enjoyable day of shooting was enjoyed by all. There must be many more Enfield shooting members who would enjoy this supreme challenge. If you would like to give it a try next year I suggest you contact one of the better performers for tips on how they achieve their scores.

John Whittaker


Name 600 yards 800 yards Aggregate
J. Womble  44  43 87
D. Craven  46.1  38 84.1
M. Hall  35  28 63
P. Wolpe  39  23.2 62.2
D. Chambers  30  29 59
A. Beck  42  11 53
L. Jackson  22  24.1 46.1
R. Player  14  7 21
C. Higginbottom  6 retired
K. Watson retired

Calendar of Events 2015

The 2015 Calendar of Events has been published. This shows combined mid and long range rifle events for the Branch and the MLAGB.

Note that due to printing deadlines the ‘Calendar of Events’ published in the Winter 2014 edition of the MLAGBs Black Powder magazine does not reflect some late calendar amendments. The web site calendar should always be referred to for current programme and will be kept up to date.

Rigby Cup & Whitworth Cup, 2014

There was a good attendence at Bisley on Saturday 25 October for the Rigby Cup and Whitworth Cup competitions. Both competitions are 15 shots fired at 600 yards; the former for any muzzle loading rifle and the latter for any Whitworth hexagonally bored muzzle loading rifle. The day concluded with the Branch Annual Dinner and Prize Giving at the Army Target Shooting Club. Results:

Rigby Cup

Bernard Collot  66.6
Laurent Smaniotto  64.1
Alan  Beck  63.3
John Whittaker  63.3
Sylvie Collot  59.1
Dennis Chambers  55.1
Fred Brouwer  55.1
Marieke Kalfsvel  54.1
Taco v/d List  54
Chris Goed  53.1
Cees Kalfsvel  52.2
Mike Hall  50.2
Paul Wolpe  50.1
Henrie v Koot  50
Gary Evans  49
Bernard Riaud  46
Arthur Benitah  46
Piet Cornelissen  44
Len Jackson  43
Andrew Russell  43
Phil Hendy  43
Bill Burrows  42.1
Jacky Mallarme  41.1
Jerry Womble  41
Andr’e v Rijsen  39
Bert Large  33
Charles Higginbottom  22 (ret)

Whitworth Cup

 Mike Hall  55.4
 Martin Tebbs  47.1
 Jacky Mallarme  46
 Bernard Riaud  45.2
 Paul Wolpe  44.1
 Len Jackson  44
 Cees Kalfsvel  42
 Dennis Chambers  39
 Jerry Womble  37
 Henrie v Koot  34.1
 Robert Player  10 (ret)

Metford Trophy, 2014

Following are the results for the Metford Trophy held at Bisley on the weekend of 30/31 August. The competition comprises 15 shots fired with percussion muzzle loading rifles at each distance – 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards.

Name 1000 1100 1200 Aggregate
 J.Whittaker  52.1  57.1  33  142.2
 B.Collot  59.3  36.2  43.1  138.6
 J.Womble  50.2  45.1  27  122.3
 A.Beck  41  47.1  29  117.1
 M.Hall  45.1  36.1  33.1  114.3
 D.Personnic  46.3  47.1  15  108.4
 A.Quesseveur  47.1  33  23  103.1
 A.Guyomarch  40  32  28  100
 F.Brouwer  30.1  31.1  28  89.2
 R.Player  47.2  28  14  89.2
 P.Hendy  33.1  42.1  11.1  86.3
 P.Wolpe  33.1  37  5  80
 G.Evans  26  34  19  79
 M.Mott  33  31  13  77
 L.Jackson  26  24  26  76
 C.Goed  30.1  30  13  73.1
 B.Riaud  24  24  23  71
 D.Craven  13  31.1  23  67.1
 J.Mallarme  22  20  19  61
 K.Watson  30  13  14.1  57.1

The Hepsworth Medal is awarded for the highest score fired at 1200 yards, and was won by Bernard Collot with a score of 43.1.

AGM 2014

The Long Range Rifles Branch of the MLAGB held their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 30 August 2014 at Bisley, Surrey. The following officers of the Branch were elected:

Chairman: John Whittaker
Secretary: Martin Tebbs
Treasurer: Len Jackson

Committee: Dennis Chambers, David Minshall, Ann Vause, Paul Wolpe, Jerry Womble